Good afternoon ladies and gentleman.

My name is Valerie Williams. Many of you may remember me from my presentations in Düsseldorf, Berlin, and Cologne since 2009.

Campaigning on Primodos has been one of the biggest scandals in medical history which has placed myself in unusual circumstances leaving most people struggling to comprehend the enormity and scale of confronting a multi national drug company and incompetent UK government. Both organisations have refused to own up to their measure of actions by deviating from the truth, going to great lengths to hide the truth from the victims of Primodos.

I have spent considerable time undertaking research at the Government UK National Archives at Kew, British Medical Journals as well as researching many medical journals worldwide revealing much evidence.

I speak as a founder member of, The Association for, Children Damaged by
Hormone Pregnancy Tests in 1978 which became one of many organisations across the globe. Primodos was prescribed as a pregnancy test to the majority of victims in the UK. One of twelve hormone pregnancy tests marketed throughout the UK.

My son was born with multiple abnormalities after I had taken Primodos as a pregnancy test in 1975. When I was given Primodos for a second time in 1976 for Amenorrhoea, Schering Chemicals now attached a warning saying, ‘Primodos was not to be taken by pregnant women due to congenital defects to the unborn child’.

Can you imagine watching your own child suffering from the trauma of pain, and illnesses which went on for a number of years due to Primodos with uncertainties in his advancing years. His childhood interrupted by many surgical procedures, which left him unable to cope of the disabilities that could have been avoided, if I had not been prescribed Primodos by my General Practitioner. A situation affecting us a family, with added trauma affecting many families of victims of Primodos.

My campaign for justice to the victims of Primodos will continue until an admission of errors and an apology to all those mothers, fathers and babies, who suffered then and continue to suffer fifty years later because of abnormalities inflicted in the womb, by Primodos.

I speak of the Primodos victims who have become the beacon of light, shining deep down within the cracks of corruption, and deceit within our governments. Of Schering Chemical who failed to protect them with their drug Primodos. Most importantly, a life to live a normal life whilst in the protection of their mothers womb. The poisons of Primodos cascading deep within their bodies, some gone forever, thousands more struggling to cope with their various disabilities.

I would like to draw attention in your promotion leaflet on Primodos which you confidently stated Primodos would not harm our unborn babies. Do you admit this was a deceitful hoax to protect your lack of research in your study then, which revealed high incidence’s of abortions in your later Rat Studies, in the late sixties.

A warning in 1969 which you sent to the Committee of Safety and Medicines in the UK, was precise with clear instructions that Primodos, was NO LONGER to be used as a pregnancy test due to abnormalities from your research studies on Rats. Unfortunately, for many pregnant women, Primodos continued to be prescribed by General Practitioner’s until 1975.

Eventually another warning by The Committee and Safety of Medicines in 1978, issued a further yellow card warning to doctors. This was due to the continuous use of Primodos by General Practitioner’s causing the biggest medical blunder that could have been avoided if this committee had acted responsibly, on the safety and monitoring of drugs in the UK.

We as an organisation are extremely grateful to Politian’s who have crossed over to our paths by giving their time freely to help victims of Primodos by helping us to expose the wrong’s of injustices and greed within a secret society of power and control. The late Jack Ashley MP’s championing commitment to our cause has now been succeeded by Yasmin Querishi MP, whom we are exceedingly grateful for her devoted dedication. Yasmin Querishi is presently pursuing, the Right Honourable Secretary of State, David Poulter MP, for an Independent Inquiry.

Are you aware of the steady increase of hormone pregnancy tests after 1967 to its highest prescription total in 1970 from 1,314,000, contrasts with the remarkably much reduced figure in 1977 to 306,000. This has to indicate the mistrusts globally, to continue using Primodos.

Can you also confirm that in 1981, Urogenital anomalies were reported more frequently in the hormone exposed foetus than the unexposed children. 14% and 9% respectively), revealing the higher the prevalence rate of abnormalities in the earlier pregnancy the therapy began, the more damage to the unborn baby.

Do you agree, the duration of the activity of Primodos in the body varies from days or weeks, possibly depending on the strength of the product used and on the mothers own detoxing capacity to absorb Primodos, with varying malformations to the foetus.

Can you confirm a similar incidence which you tactically used to fraudulently use your drug Ciproxin in your Research Studies at Southampton Hospital in the UK, using your bully boy tactics to mislead the procedure in administering this drug.

Can you tell me today is it standard practice to silence participating medical professional, and others, because they do not adhere to your lack of moralistic attitudes in your industry of chemicals, and drugs. I ask you this question as there have been incidences, particularly in the previous trial of Primodos in the UK in the early eighties, where you used financial persuasion to medical experts who were engaged to speak on behalf of victims of Primodos. Suddenly they changed their minds, as written in the exchange of documents in Mr Weitzman, QC–Barrister opinion, on both the dependants and plaintiffs final preparation for the Primodos trial.

In the Greenberg Study in the seventies it was noted of the SIGNIFICANT RELATION between hormone pregnancy tests and oral cleft palate.
In April 1975 it was reported of a possible association between congenital malformations, and the use of hormone pregnancy tests. THIS WAS SUPPORTED IN THE LARGER GREENBERG SERIES IN 1977.

The Committee of Safety & Medicines even reported in The British Medical Journal, 26th April 1975, supporting their evidence on the recommendation that “there is little justification for the continued use of withdrawal-type pregnancy tests, when alternative methods are available”. Further studies confirm the Greenberg study, in particular in the Brogan, and Harlap et al, noted a small risk of oral cleft following the use of oestrogen and progesterone in early pregnancy.

Surely, any risks to the foetus, or suspicions on Primodos revealing any serious side affects should have been acted upon immediately especially, as there was a
safer alternative test, namely the urine test!

I would like ask you today if your Prospective Study on over fourteen thousands women in 1977 in Germany revealed an increase of incidence of abortions between 7.5 per cent – twenty four per cent. A study of maternal hormone treatment predicted may increase the rate of stillbirths. A study which you speculated by failing to reveal stillbirths, babies aborted or those who died soon after birth in your false representation to protect your lack of honour, or mounting profits. A study which you sent a copy to the, Secretary of State, Royland Moyle MP, who until this day has never revealed of the contents to victims of Primodos in the UK.

I ask you to explain why you used synthetic oestrogens as in Primodos to test mothers if they were pregnant. A perilous hormone containing liquid poison i.e. stronger than the oral contraceptive pill, fraught with many unknown, and unspoken dangers in your deception, betrayal, hidden agendas, and misinformation to the medical profession. Your control of oestrogen dominance resulting in countless health problems for women in future years, has become the biggest medical blunder of the twenty first century.

“I ask you the Board of Directors, if you can confirm an article in The British Medicine Journal, the Lancet on research in Scotland and Denmark who hypothesised that xeno- oestrogens are responsible for a steady declining sperm account in men”. Sperm counts have dropped by more than fifty per cent since 1940, meanwhile testicular, prostrate, and breast cancers in the USA, and Europe have tripled in the last fifty years.

“I ask today for you to confirm if Primodos was a rollover from the oral contraceptive pill with further devastating deaths, and injuries to the unborn foetus” (Primodos was equal to eighty oral contraceptive pills).

Yaz an oral contraceptive pill is a typical example of errors in your drugs, when you were forced to pay three billion dollars in compensation for injuries suffered by victims due to Yaz.

Are you the board of Directors of Bayer ignoring the extremely disturbing events being reported globally about the alarming changes happening in our environment, with the ever increasing pollution of oestrogens to our wild life.

A British study revealed the first changing of wildlife as a result of hormones due to synthetic oestrogen chemicals which cannot be removed from treated effluent.
Surely, you were aware of the consequences that has been increasingly becoming clear that in utero exposure to sex hormones may have adverse long term effects, in masculinisation of external genitalia in which female foetus’s exposed to progestin’s, were first reported in 1958.

Soon after it was reported the feminisations of external genitalia of male infants whose mothers took high doses of stilboestrol, and progesterone’s (Synthetic Oestrogens). I would like to express is that genitalia mutilation to victims caused by Primodos, affected both sexes and was one of many abnormalities to the unborn foetus.

Can you confirm when Dr Isabel Gal’s research studies revealed abnormalities to the foetus in the late sixties, you went to great lengths to discredit her findings on Primodos. This with your full knowledge of your own Chief Medical Officer, Professor Briggs who begged you to stop using Primodos as a pregnancy test in the seventies. Professor Briggs, eventually went onto confess in 1986 to a reputable journalist by admitting to fraudulent studies on the oral contraceptive pill. This is another example of your David and Goliath tactics in its extremes to avoid telling the truth.

Principle, and injustice is what I have always believed in. Therefore, can you tell me today how do you define justice by taking advantage of the billions in profits of Euro’s you will acquire with your drugs of doubts, compared to the loss of life and injuries to victims of your drug Primodos.

I speak today of Pharmaceutical Company’s who believe their power surpasses over all who challenge them. Their David, and Goliath Sphinx where the mighty corporations govern their chemicals of doubts, allowing the innocent
victims of their drugs to be sacrificed, due to corporation greed.

It is now our time to show the world that ‘ordinary people’ can take on the powers of giants, and governments who are losing sense of reasoning. The legend of Nelson Mandela was an example. He refused to be beaten by an undemocratic government serving instead, an incarceration in jail for many years.

Is it also true that you had not realised during testing on Primodos that it would cause serious harm to the foetus, which when you eventually realised the enormity of your mistakes. Rather than face up to your errors, you hoped it would not be discovered, which allowed you to continue marketing Primodos as a pregnancy test, knowing full well of the gravity of injuring many more unborn babies the world over.

The dream of a victory for victims of Primodos could be helped further with compensation to improve on their quality of lives. Many have died before their time, their broken bodies torn apart by Primodos, with many more victims struggling to live today as a result of their disabilities.

It is for these reasons that I demand justice from those who are responsible for their injuries. To stand up to your mistakes by admitting your drug Primodos, was a disgraceful and malicious in its extremists, in your act of betrayal to innocent lives..

There comes a time when it is time to admit your mistakes!! It is now time for you Bayer to turn over another leaf by recognising your errors of the past. To start as you begin from now, by honouring the victims of Primodos whilst many can still function as best as they can. To recognise victims of Primodos could be helped from the stress of their struggles which for some there is little motility to roam the experiences of life, like many of us take for granted. I speak also of the many victims of Primodos with very little recognition of what it would be like if they could walk, talk and see. Experiencing instead only pain, and sorrow that would help if there was some financial help to improve on their lives.

I ask you the board of Directors seated on your podiums of glory, to stop hiding behind your smoked screens of pretence by being civil to those you have
damaged. You cannot annihilate the truth when people find out your wrongs, as you skulk away from your responsibilities as a reputable company of chemicals.

When the time comes for you to summarise in your countermotion answers to what I have spoken about in this presentation. “I ask you to be positive unlike in previous years, as the winter of discontent passes into a new beginning by honouring the victims of Primodos/Duogynon, their rightful justice they so richly deserve.

For me I dream of the day that justice will prevail to open up the cracks in a society of corporation greed. For you Bayer Pharmaceutical to own up to your mistakes by admitting you were wrong. Your history of cruel actions of experimentation on Primodos, began on victims, from the depths of Auschwitz Concentration Camp.

I embrace you the shareholders to take heed by challenging Bayer for the sake of thousands of lives damaged by Primodos the world over. If it means your dividends will be slightly down than on previous years, think of your achievements by saying to yourselves:- “Our decision to day to help the victims of all chemical pollutions, means more than the money our shares are printed on. Our conscious efforts to help others will reward itself in time hopefully, with a ‘bigger increase in shares’ than in previous years”.

Finally, the race to uncover the greatest legal, and medical fraud of the twenty first century, can be achieved if you are committed to the belief, that justice is the undoing of all wrongs.

I thank you once again for your endurance to listen to my presentation.

“Thank You”