2011-March-31, Tan Network

Chemical Leak at Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate

A chemical leak was reported at the Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate.
Latest reports indicate that the leak is now under control.

A chemical leak was reported Wednesday evening at a factory owned by Bayer Thai at the Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate.

One employee fell sick after coming in contact with polluted water.

The leaked chemical was phenol, a raw material of polycarbonate which is used in manufacturing compact discs.

Factory workers were evacuated from the area following the incident, while officials are investigating surrounding areas to determine the impact of the leak.

Bayer Thai executive Surat Jirasak said the chemical was found in water conveyed to a facility of Glow Energy within the industrial estate. He noted that the company has stopped releasing water and has brought the situation under control.

It reported the contamination to the estate and is investigating the cause of the leak.

Surat added that the company sent a team to check the air quality and doctors to take care of the affected employee. The Bayer executive said the chemical causes dizziness if inhaled or itchiness in case of contact.