July 2003

The bees die... and the planet too!

The scandals that are appearing everywhere are nothing compared to the unsaid catastrophies which are being prepared because of the criminal unawareness of some world lobbies specialized in the massive poisoning of nature. The extermination of the bees by products officially declared as being non toxic is another example of this lack of responsibility.

I am speaking about the extermination of the bees - on which depends 80 % of the pollenisation of cultivated plants - by the Imidaclopride that the firm Bayer sells under the name of Gaucho to the farmers to coat the seeds and to protect them from certain diseases...

This product paralyses the insects such as the bees which cannot join the hive and they therefore die. When they do succeed, the honey which results from it is toxic (because it's poisoned). In less than three years, 450 000 hives were thus lost and the production of honey fell from 45 000 tons to 25 000 tons in France. In Alsace, the bee-keepers are regarded as disaster victims because of the Bayer products. In addition, it should be known that in Europe, approximately 4 000 vegetable species have their life assured thanks to the pollination of the bees.

Meanwhile, Bayer remains indifferent to the complaints, and does not hesitate, in it's arrogance, to deny the facts, and to claim the biodeterioration of it's product in the year, but this one contaminates several successive harvests.

Recently, the Aventis group decided to divide the benefits of the devil with Bayer and to put on the market a similar product, Fipronil sold under the name of Regent.

Obviously, in spite of the imminent ecological catastrophie which these products are undoubtedly producing, no government refused to give the legal authorizations.

Is there a responsible organization somewhere able to take, in the name of reason and for our children and of the planet, a decree for the immediate prohibition of the use of these poisons?

Warning, Gaucho and the Regent are also sold in the supermarket for gardens.

Look at the composition of the products and do not take part in this catastrophy.

Let us remember the words of Albert Einstein: "No bees, no food for mankind. The bee is the basis of life on this earth ".
The farmers must become aware that with Gaucho, they cut off the branch on which they are sitting. Other solutions exist. In the mean time, the thousands of decimated hives do permit the right of their owners to receive any compensation. Due to this, only in the Low-Rhine, more than 100 new bee-keepers cease their activity each year.

What next? Synthetic honey and GMO bees?

By Michel Dogna, France's Health Freedom Journalist