Institute / W.Va.
Tour of the MIC unit at Bayer’s Institute plant, 1984 (with skull and bones, click to enlarge)
explosion Aug 2008
No danger at any time!

A Collection of Materials on Bayer´s Institute Plant

=> 2015: BAYER pays $5.8 million over deadly blast
=> BAYER to finally quit production of Bhopal chemical
=> Wash. Post: Groups demand to dismantle chemical piles
=> Valley at Risk: Novel about Institute explosion
=> Countermotions to Bayer ASMs 2008, 2009
=> Documents published by the House Committee
=> 2015: BAYER sells Bhopal sister plant to Union Carbide

August 28, 2008 explosion
=> CSB safety video depicting events leading to the explosion
=> CSB study details potential MIC leak impacts
=> US Judge Blocks MIC Production
=> CSB: multiple deficiencies led to deadly explosion
=> Bayer to pay fines over air pollution and safety issues
=> Campaign successful: Bayer to cut MIC Production by 80%
=> 25 Years After Bhopal, Bayer Plant Still Using MIC
=> Bayer cited for MIC tank violations
=> Congressional report: Bayer blast 'could have eclipsed' Bhopal
=> Early warnings neglected / Bayer Trying to Limit Disclosure
=> Bayer cited and fined by OSHA
=> Chemical Safety Board cancels hearing under Bayer pressure
=> Open Letter: Dismantle MIC tanks / Bayer apologizes
=> Huntington News: German Coalition Wants MIC Removed
=> 2008: Press Release "Bayer, stop downplaying MIC risks!"
=> Secret MIC leak in Institute Plant
=> Second Bayer employee dies from August explosion
=> AP: 1 killed, 1 injured in W.Va. chemical plant blast
=> Bayer withheld details
=> articles of the People Concerned About MIC
=> Interview with People Concerned About MIC
=> excessive discharge: EPA penalty to Bayer
=> YouTube: CropScience Explosion and Fire
=> Jan 2014: State ignores plan for tougher chemical oversight

"Historic" articles on the Institute plant
=> Letters sent by University President Hazo Carter to the plant
=> Bayer CropScience to pay more than $1 million to settle federal charges
=> 2004: The Charleston Gazette “Chemical Concerns”
=> Sunday Gazette "IS MIC unit safe?
=> NYT, 1994: "Bracing for the Worst in Chemicals"
=> TIME magazine, 1985: "Under a Noxious Cloud of Fear"
=> TIME magazine, 1984: "Could It Happen in West Virginia?"
=> Reflections on Institute of a neighbor of the plant